The Only One

You’re the only one who knows
the inevitable ebbs and flows.
People can try I suppose, to empathise with the regular lows,
or imagine the blissful love your child bestows.
But you can’t transpose,
In any number of photos
or detailed stories you disclose,
the phenomenal triumphs and agonising woes.
You’re the only one who knows
that while this is something you chose,
along with the smiles, kisses and pretty bows,
there’s an Everest of dirty clothes,
a Nile of snot from a nose,
an endless sea of toys you could bulldoze.
And this only scratches the surface of your foes,
what about the wicked tantrums he or she throws?
You’re the only one who knows
the contrast between the incomprehensible love that arose,
and the never lost kilos,
the infinite mess; so gross,
the lack of sleep leading to comatose!
You’re the only one who knows
it’s not always happiness and rainbows
it’s not all cute little fingers and toes.
There’s grazed elbows,
another illness diagnosed,
the choking on avocados, potatoes, foam from baby chinos,
and their ever emerging little egos!
You must however, remember the quid pro quos…
Despite the chaos and tornadoes,
those fateful fiascos;
despite all things mentioned in this prose,
these little treasures are your amigos!
You loved them when they were just embryos,
love witnessing how their mind grows.
The way they walk to their own tempos
and share your addiction to glucose.
They are your little bambinos!
Budding Michelangelos, DeCaprios, Platos, Zeta Jones, or Cocos.
They… they are your heroes.
You too are the heroes.
You deserve the bravos.
Let’s get together and celebrate us; with Vinos!
How’s Thursday?

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